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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 4, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> american airlines is the latest to file for bankruptcy. they claim labor costs, higher oil prices and a rough global economy. officials say that customers will month notice the difference in the short term. >>catherine: american airlines say that their airplanes will still fly in the that tickets will still be on that. if you have frequent flyer miles, that will remain intact. chapter 11 filings could cause some not so good changes for the months ahead. this is a real possibility that they could follow the path of other major characters like united and continental, northwest and delta and shop around for another airline to emerge with. that would directly affect passengers.
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>> a consolidation means that their fears could go up.--will lose their service altogether. >> of the possible impacts of today's action, american airlines could consolidate routes and employees would be asked to make pay and retirement concessions. delta, united and northwest have all filed for a bigger stake. american airlines said its labor costs are higher than those other air carriers. >> we're the only big airlines not to have gone through bankruptcy. >> american airlines was the
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world's sole auditor line as recently as about six but mergers have pushed it to third place behind continental, united and delta. >>brian: in san francisco, this is the union square skating and. enjoying a nice letter. skinny--sunny skies but clear conditions. top rushers or not ready to be costly for this evening '50s and forties around the bay he indeed is a look at future cast few harried as we go into the overnight hours, right around some of the current job at sunrise, i'm for buckingham it will
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be close to freezing in some of the coldest places. we're also watching the wind. relatively light. as we get closer to midnight, the winds will pick up. gusts will be topping 20 mi. per hour. bottom one, possibly leaving m.p.h. and highest elevations. temperatures tomorrow will be pretty nice. the sunny skies and a light breeze in the afternoon. the four
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locations into the east bay as well as san francisco and the coast, highs in the low- mid-60s. it is looking like a pretty nice day, a lot like today. a few degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. now looking ahead at the 7 day around the bay, it looks pretty nice. dry weather through next weekend with sunshine in the forecast. the morning temperatures will be pretty chilly, especially tuesday and wednesday. some of the coldest locations could get below 30 degrees. the afternoon looks pretty nice with highs in the '50s and '60s. there is a little weather system that bears watching. >>rob: pepper spray is back in the news.
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>>pam: here is stanley roberts with people behaving badly. >>stanley: they are back, just in time for the holidays. i am talking about the panhandlers. they migrate to union square just in time for a holiday spending season. this man has a sign that reads my family was kidnapped by zombies. at his feet, a second sign that reads will work for marijuana furious this man claims on one occasion he has made
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$10,000. this woman asked me for 255. when i said i did not have changed, she asked for a dollar. it is not hard to find aggressive panhandlers. this man was begging to anyone who would listen. this man is actually getting a ticket for blocking the sidewalk. third moments later, he was back at it, a couple of blocks away. i cannot stop me from giving money to beggars, but i can make a suggestion, if you really want to help, donated a legitimate service that helps the needy.
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>>rob: coming up, and some good samaritan shoppers got a dose of pepper spray. and, does the justice department is raking in cash.
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>>rob: this man tried to grab a purse and a run at a nordstrom. some helping hands were landed to grab the suspect. >>da: he wanted these courses but instead, this suspected robber was handed a beating. it happened at this walnut creek nordstrom. the man and its female accomplice have their eyes on these expensive purchases. witnesses say they grabbed several armloads of bags and ran for the doors. >> one of the customers attempted to grab the arm of the male suspect. the man pepper sprayed the customer and kept on running. >>da: once he got outside of the store, he was tackled. the female got into a vehicle and fled the scene.
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the suspect suffered some facial injuries. the suspect was held down on officers arrived. foss >>da: of the police and the good samaritan but it buys against confronting criminals. the suspect now faces a number of charges. >>rob: on about two hours before about the incident, arrested four people who
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were trying to still clothing. >>brian: clear skies over the bay. in cold temperatures. temperatures are already into the 30's in some spots. we will see some chilly temperatures starting out some frost in the valleys. here is a look at future cast 4. in a brothel, areas in the '30's. the
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cold temperatures will be tuesday morning. as we go through the week more sunny weather. dry weather through next weekend. >>rob: every weekend in the united states a child is killed by someone who backs over them. vicki liviakis has more on one child fight for life. >>vicki: this child was playing in his family's driveway when his mother accidentally run a over have in her as the beat. he was rushed to the emergency room. he is not expected to survive. he had five school fractures and nearly complete blood loss,
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multiple organ failure followed by blindness and seizures curium after 105 days in hospital, he is on the mend. he is lucky. highway patrol statistics show that motorists are run over 50 children a week in driveways and parking lot across the country. he is continuing his rehabilitation as friends and family hold a fund- raiser and lafayette. >>rob: thousands of residents in los angeles are still without power after hurricane force winds hit the area on wednesday. the crucial tablatures the
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restored soon. a fire alert was issued today in southern california. a woman in san diego is behind bars, accused of setting of weapons house on fire. gasoline was poured onto a couch. >> of afghan military are thankful for the u.s.
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helped in afghanistan. bob hiring national security officials are learning marine training techniques in anticipation of the u.s. withdrawal. >> of the men say their
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effort has been an incredible success. >>rob: the afghan leaders will leave the area on december 10th. how are the ill-gotten gains of criminals and drug dealers up in the bottom line for the u.s. government?
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>>rob: the u.s. justice department is raking in the cash, this year they brought in more than 1 million and seized property. >>reporter: name any luxury item. yachts, mansions, art, race cars, diamonds and but even ancient artifacts. chances are, the u.s. government likely owns it.
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>> in every case we bring, we are looking at ways to take >> and the last fiscal year alone, we read able to bring in a hundred million this which is about 16 times with the annual operating budget is. >> prosecutions of white- collar crimes, ponzi schemes in financial fraud are at an all-time high. foss and >> are you ever surprised at what people on?
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>> not much surprises as these days. oftentimes, the motivation for engaging in some of this conduct is greed. the fact that some of these items are so ostentation desk-is so ostentatious is an example of why they engage in these crimes. >> some people wonder, do you ever think about the cases you pursuit based on the amount of money you're likely to bring in? >> if we pursue cases for one reason only, to hold people accountable for their crimes curious
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>>rob: coming up, a gabe slate gives us a latest rumors on facebook going public. >>brian: the lot of sunshine in the bay today. temperatures in the low-mid- 60s. i will let you know how long the sunny weather will stick around. it's it's
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>> facebook could be going public cent. financial analysts believe this could be one of the biggest ipos in history. facebook is expected to raise up to 10 billion. that would raise their value to 100 billion. third >>gabe: if this ipo happens, it would make this ipo one of the largest in history. more than four times as big as google. it will be the biggest tax ideal ever tricks >> a lot of interest in this property, a lot of people are lined up devices. this idea could be the biggest of its the.. costs
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>>gabe: mark zuckerburg has said, facebook has no interest in going public. he explains their time has run out, at this point facebook has to. >> when you start bringing on board large investors, they want to see a return on their investors. it is likely that they will need more cast towards next year to expand in all off what is a greater and increasing threat from google. >>gabe: facebook has declined to comment. if facebook goes public, should you jump out there and buy as much as you can request unless
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>> there is a cautionary tale. >>gabe: groupon just went public less than a month ago, their stock skyrocketed the first today's and now it has dropped 42% below its initial ipo. >> there is a holiday treat at union square. the temperatures feel like the holidays. it looks like another cold one for this evening as we look live at the ferry building, the
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embarcadero is in the background. look at the numbers. mid-30s tonight. we could see more readings below freezing tonight. it looks like it will be slightly warmer for this evening. clear skies over california this evening. just to the east, there is a storm system, it is not headed our way but it is producing lands. they are headed into the bay area for tonight. look for the wednesday increase after midnight. this the strongest winds are forecast into the northeast and east bay hills. the other thing impacting our weather, this storm is headed into alaska and canada's. and this will cause any storm to be detoured. that means a
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continuation of dry weather in california and perhaps through next weekend. there is no rain in the forecast for the next seven days. the other thing to watch for, the winds of this evening, especially in the higher elevations. it looks like it is one to the cold for tonight and tomorrow night. fill in some places, below 30 degrees. we're looking at wind speeds, there are relatively light. the blue shows gusts topping 20 mi. per hour. the winds are continuing to increase into tomorrow morning but then, they tail off as we get into the afternoon hours furious since ice windy conditions for tomorrow. a red flag warning is in effect
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serious temperatures tonight are cool in the no. 8. third in some places, temperatures will drop below freezing for a few hours. for the afternoon, look for readings to top out in the upper 50s in the low 60s. here is the 7 day around the bay. dry weather, sunshine through the week. we will have some cool mornings especially tuesday and wednesday. >>pam: here is stanley roberts with people behaving badly. tsk >>stanley: this is cathy, a first grade teacher in san jose. she mailed kron4 about a problem. a person or persons have been stealing from the school. the school
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administrative assistant explains how. >> they have been jumping our fans. >>stanley: they are stealing bottles and cans. >> recycling is worth a lot of money, especially of aluminum cans, you get $2 a pound. >>stanley: they have been on the cutting edge of recycling. they have a green playground made completely of recycled flip-flops'. the money the school raises are used to subsidize projects for students. >> it is sad as someone steals for students and our community, we're trying to raise money for our fifth graders. >> not only is it that the stealing from students, some students may not be able to attend a science camp this
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year. the recyclables are held here and and inside of this secure container. i hear people always saying how will taking recyclables hurt anyone? as in san jose, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> a duel between the muppet into the vampires, who won? and bible babble babble babble that either that
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this event of moviegoers had a crush on the latest twilight domes. as a bridge and on it topped the box office for the first week in a row. it pulled in nearly
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17 million over the weekend. >> bids came in second place for the second week in a row with 11.2 million. cs there were no new releases last week making this one novelist grossing weekends of the year. >> i am giving away copies of a hot new video games. over 20 story based admissions and bonus levels set. this in the game and will allow people to explore endlessly. it is the most action packed lego game yet.
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>>brian: the wins are coming back. the winds will affect us again tonight especially in the east bay and to north bay hills. the blue on the screen shows a wind advisory in effect tonight and into tomorrow morning. perhaps 30-40 mi. an hour in the lower elevations. temperatures are already into the mid 30's. by tomorrow morning, low-mid- 30s. there could be a couple of places they get below freezing. looking at tomorrow, i think it is going to be nice. more nice weather for skating. >> thank you for joining us.
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